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Date of rawmeatballs

Rawmeatball; bulgur, Chipotle, tomatopaste, onion, parsleyandspicespreparedbymixingthe yoğurulup, consumeduncooked, is a food of Adiyaman. Adana outside of Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Diyarbakır, Mardin, Elazığ, Malatya showing regional differences in provinces like rawmeatballsare done. Usually thin and long (tightening) in the form of pieces of dumplings and served with lettuce leaves. Open in Sanliurfa, in someareas it is consumed with naanbread. Rawmeatballs, due to the swelling properties of wheat without delay in the content, while fresh food is to be eaten.

Production of rawmeatballs

Since the first day that the basis of the existingactivity in the most effective way of Adiyaman Çiğköfteci Ömer Aybak, the history of food engineers approval in accordance with health and hygiene products gives your table.

Preparation of rawmeatballs

Hot SaucePreparation

Washthepeppers, cutthestem. Bigred peppersand remove seeds. Cutin tocoar sepieces.

Getcleanedpeppers in a pot, coverthe pot with 1 cup water, close and cook until tender.

Thepeppersarecooked, shred thoroughly withh and blender with water, then spend colander, taken in a glasscontainer. Make sure theshellandseedsremoved.

Salt intothepepperpuree, add sugar and vinegarand mix well. Preparedforthe hot peppersauce, jarsorbottles in a smallstore in therefrigerator.

Greens and lavash

Lavash with ourexquisitetaste and quality of our greens rawmeatballs willearn you a differenttaste.

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