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Our Difference

Without paying any compensationto the family of Ömer Aybak can join. Oneprocedure, Ömer according to the corporate identity of Aybak decoration is done and the franchise agreement.Please open your own business is the installation costs. Ömer Aybak opening campaign directs the business and decorations. Ömer Aybak on-site instructors provide the necessary training for operating personnel.

Nationalandlocalmediaorganizations, orwriting - throughvisualmedia in advertisingandpromotions of any contributionor cost center is not required.Turkey is generally fixed price policy.Sale and delivery of products, the barcode within the system and food security is achieved by vacuum

With Ömer Aybak start workingfrom the moment you will receive technical support by coordinating the franchise.Business in a veryshort time you will be abletoserve in the same taste and standards.If you would like to make our ownfacilitiesbranch, standards and procedurestocomply with the condition that the company can do.About the Opening tousethe product guarantee is made.If you want your store to in her it turnkey, our professional team can perform it for you.


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